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TAG (Talented and Gifted)

Gifted and talented students are those whose abilities, talents, and potential for accomplishment are so exceptional or developmentally advanced that they require special services to meet their educational needs. Gifted and talented students are capable of high performance, exceptional production, or exceptional learning behavior either intellectually, academically or a potential to perform.

Fall Testing: Each elementary school will offer one testing window open to all students recommended by parents, school personnel, or student (self) in the fall.  Both the Terra Nova (Academic) and NNAT (Intellectual ) will be given at this time. Kindergarten students may only take the NNAT in the fall. The norms for the Kindergarten reading and math Terra Nova do not start until spring thus testing of kindergartners will be for Intellectually Gifted only. The Terra Nova tests will NOT be offered for students in grades 3-11 in the spring; the district will use the OAKS/SBAC scores to determine TAG eligibility.  If parents do not refer their student for testing during the available window, they will need to wait until the next window for testing.

Spring Testing: Students in grades 3-11 have the opportunity to qualify for TAG in Math or Reading by scoring in the 97%tile or higher on OAKS/SBAC in the spring.  I will be reviewing student’s scores from last year to determine if they currently qualify.  Students in grades K-2  WILL be offered a spring window for both Academic and Intellectual TAG identification using the Terra Nova or NNAT.

If you would like more information regarding TAG or think your child may qualify for TAG please contact our Awbrey Park counselor/TAG coordinator, Kristen Gianforti.  If you are possibly interested in TAG testing please contact Kristen by Friday, November 1 as our first round of TAG testing for the year will take place soon after that. or at 541-790-4045

TAG Resources–  Are you interested in receiving information about community programs and other resources for high learners?  There is a parent resource page at the 4j website.