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At Awbrey Park Elementary, we are a technology immersion school.  Technology is used to support learning and to enhance instruction. It is a general policy that all technology is to be used in a responsible, ethical, and legal manner.

Our students have access to more than , 475 iPads, iPad minis, and iPod touches. Our 3-5 graders will be issued their own iPad to do their reading instruction and independent work. K-2 will also be using iPads and iPad minis. Prior to device usage, students are required to review technology expectations including the treatment of equipment and proper usage of the iPad minis and laptops. All technology is used only for educational purposes. Each student will be expected to sign an Awbrey Park Technology Contract in order to use the technology available at our school. To keep up with ongoing maintenance of our computers, to replace our aging technology and to purchase school-wide subscriptions to multiple educational software programs, we ask for a $25.00 Technology Contribution from each student. These subscriptions can also be used at home. Kindergarten Contributions also go towards the purchase of classroom supplies.