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Awbrey Park’s Counseling Mission Statement

To provide services to students, parents, and teachers to help each student achieve academically, adjust personally and socially, and grow emotionally.

Kristen Gianforti is Awbrey Park’s school counselor. She is available to help both students and parents have a successful school year. As an elementary school counselor, she works with students, parents and teachers in different ways by offering a program of many services. Each service is aimed at helping children learn and develop to their highest potential.

Services and Programs Provided

  • Individual Supports
  • Group Counseling (i.e. friendship, social skills, divorce groups, anger management)
  • Group Guidance (i.e. classroom presentations on topics such as friendship, safe touch, self-concept, bully prevention)
  • Parent and Teacher Consultation
  • New Student Orientation Program
  • Bullying and Harassment Prevention and Intervention
  • Problem Solving
  • Classroom Behavior and Academic Support
  • Referral Assistance to Other Programs and Services in the Community

These are some of the key services offered to students, parents and teachers. If you have any questions or wish to speak with the counselor, please call 541-790-4050 or email Kristen Gianforti ( Please click here to visit my website.