Awbrey Park Announcements 10/09/2020

Dear Awbrey Park Families,
I hope your kids are having fun seeing their friends and doing school work.  We are trying to find the sweetspot of giving challenging work, but not too challenging.  It is definitely difficult to find just the right amount.  One teacher shared how exciting it was to see her whole class reading along in their Journeys book together.
Please remember that when your child is on headphones, the rest of the Zoom class can still hear everything going on in homes.  We’ve had some interesting moments.  Please have your child mute their audio when needed.
Here is the school schedule for the next two week.  We are ramping up the engagement and work!
The week of October 12
K/3rd    M,T, Th, F            8:15-11:10                                         Wednesday 8:15-9:20
1st/4th  M,T,Th, F             9:30-12:15                                         Wednesday 9:30-10:35
2nd/5th M,T, Th, F            9:55-12:30                                         Wednesday 9:30-10:35
The week of October 19–This will be the schedule for the rest of our time online
K/3rd    M,T, Th            8:15-12:00                                         Wednesday 8:15-9:20
1st/4th  M,T,Th             8:30-12:15                                         Wednesday 9:30-10:35
2nd/5th M,T, Th            8:45-12:30                                         Wednesday 9:30-10:35
Awbrey Park is planning to administer the School District’s vocabulary, reading comprehension, and math assessments with students in 1st-5thgrade in the coming week.  EasyCBM is the tool the district uses to assess your child’s readiness in Math and Reading.  Students are typically tested in the fall of each year to determine if a student needs additional academic support in these areas. EasyCBM is not an achievement test; it is a tool to help teachers help your child learn to their fullest ability. This assessment will take place during your child’s regular zoom class with their classroom teachers and support staff.
On the day of the EasyCBM assessments:

Your child’s classroom teacher and Awbrey Park staff will walk all student’s through logging on to their tests during this live time.  Note:  If your child is struggling with logging in, you can help them log in.  Otherwise, the assessment is intended to be completed independently.  Items on the reading tests may not be read to students.  The teacher will be available while your child is working on the assessment to answer any questions your child may have.  Please be watching for communication from your classroom teachers regarding a needed username and password.
There is no school on Friday, Oct 23.  This is a professional planning day for the district.
We will have our next PTO meeting on November led by our Counselor Kristen Gianforti.  The first 30 minutes will be a short presentation by Kristen on “How to Support Our Kids During These Tense Times.”  We will then go on with our PTO meeting which will last about 30 minutes
We will have a Noodle and Company Friendraiser on Thursday, October 22.  This is an opportunity to support the community and support our PTO.  Normally, we would invite families to eat together and have a chance to see each other.  We are suggesting that families get their food-to-go.  The Flyer is attached.  Awbrey Park PTO will get 50% of funds raised on this.
Another way to support the Awbrey Park PTO is to join the Fred Meyer Community Rewards and Amazon Smiles.  Please see below.
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