Awbrey Park Announcements 05/28/2021

Dear Awbrey Park Families,
We are excited that we are going out strong the last three weeks of school.  I appreciate all the effort our students, families and staff have put into make this challenging situation a positive one.  Our kids are learning and laughing.  I know that it is hard, but thanks for all that you do!
The district has decided our year end schedule and activities.
Our 5th Grade A and B Cohorts and Same School Online students will have the opportunity to attend Awbrey on Thursday, June 17 from 8:45-11:00 am.  This is a chance for the 5th graders to have a special time together before they go to middle School.  Same School Online students will have the choice to attend school in person or stay online on that day.  All classes will remain separated and will not mix together.  Students will have Field Day, watch a year end slide show, and have special fancy yogurt parfaits.  SSO students who stay online on that day will do a virtual Field Day provided by Lisa Chinn, our PE teacher.  They will also view a year end slide show.  I will be contacting SSO families next week to find out if your child will attend Awbrey Park on that day or stay online.  We want to make every family comfortable with their choice.
Cohort As grades K-4 last day in person is on June 14.  Cohort Bs grades K-4 last day is on June 15.  The students will have a Field Day on these days.  The 5th grade students will also attend on these days.  Wednesday, June 16 will be just like it is now.  That will be the last day that students are together online.
Same School Online student will have a special assembly on Wednesday, June 16 at 9:30.  This is only for SSO students.  We will have Supply Pick Up for SSO families on Wednesday, June 9 from 8:30-4:00.  Again, this is only for SSO families.
We will have a parade through the neighborhood starting at 6:00 on Wednesday, June 16.  We will publish the parade route later.
Here is the run down of the last three weeks of school.
May 31-June 4

Memorial Day, May 31 there is no school.
  • Cohort A attends Tuesday
  • Wednesday is the same as usual
  • Cohort B attends Thursday and Friday.

June 7-11

  • Cohort A attends Monday and Tuesday
  • Wednesday is the same as usual
  • Cohort B attends Thursday
  • No School on Friday because of Grading Day.
June 14-17
  • Cohort A last day on Monday.
  • Cohort B last day on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday is the same as usual.
  • Thursday 5th Grade Only
Grades K,1, 3,4, and 5 will be keeping their iPads for the summer.  Our school district is doing what other districts have done by letting students hang onto the iPads.  This will let students to be able to continue doing some math and reading activities all summer.  We are asking for 2nd graders to turn in their iPads.  As 3rd graders next year, they will get a more advance iPad with a key board. We are asking for 2nd grade families to drop off iPads on June 18.
We would like families to also drop off the Journeys reading books on June 18.
Michael Riplinger
Awbrey Park Elementary School
Eugene, OR 97404
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