PBIS: Positive Behavior Support

A term you will hear (or may have heard already) this year at Awbrey Park Elementary is Positive Behavior Interveniton Support – also known as PBIS. PBIS is an approach to behavior management on a school-wide level targeting specific settings such as the playground, halls, cafeteria, classroom, or with an individual student.

To help ensure the success of all students, it is essential that parents become familiar with our school rules and behavior expectations. Working together as parents and educators, we can help build a positive climate and culture here at Awbrey Park.

Our basic school rules are meant to be simple, clear, and easy for students to remember. For each rule there are examples of how that rule is applied in various school settings. Examples of some of the expectations for behavior in each school setting are written out in the behavior grid, included in our PBIS brochure that parents receive the first week of school or at the following link:

PBIS Behavior Expectations Grid.pdf

Attached below are the four PBIS SlideShows that are presented to students during the first week of school. The first slide show covers the basic reason for PBIS and explains to students that every student is key in establishing a positive climate at our school. The second teaches general rules and supports in the school. The third and fourth cover the playground and games. I have also attached a slide show that introduces our staff to students. We introduce staff to all students at our Back to School Celebration Assembly on the first Friday back in September. I hope adding this information to our website is helpful (To advance the slide show click your mouse on the slideshow screen.)