The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) meets on the 1st Monday of every month at 6:00pm in the library. These meeting serve as an overview of current activities. Committee meetings based on activities meet outside of these monthly meetings.


It is our mission to unite staff, students and parents, and to encourage community involvement to further enhance the educational development (physical, mental, and social) of children at Awbrey Park Elementary School. The PTO will achieve this goal by encouraging parent participation in the classroom, activities, teacher support and fundraising programs.

Why help with the PTO?

We want to support our students and school through community building, fundraising activities and classroom support. It is essential to have our own families build our school community.

How can you help with the PTO?

Any parent of an Awbrey Park student is welcome to participate with the PTO. There are many activities throughout the year, so putting your time where you want is our priority. Time commitment can vary per activity and is flexible. Share your insights, suggestions, time and energy in supporting and generating high quality programs and activities for all Awbrey Park Elementary students. Join us at our monthly overview meeting or contact a current PTO member to get involved with us.

Current Activities Supported by the PTO

  • Hot Dogs and Hot Rods (September)
  • Jog-A-Thon (October)
  • Care and Share (December)
  • Craft Night (February)
  • Fundraiser (March)
  • Family Dinner Night (ongoing)
  • Teacher Appreciation Activities (ongoing)
  • Field Trip funding (ongoing)
  • Special funding requests

2017-2018 PTO Board Members

President: Kellie Rushing (541) 510-6155
Vice President: Katie Schnider (541) 954-3131
Treasurer: Jaclyn Jensen (541) 520-5997
Secretary: Asheley Krebs (541) 915-2541
Fundraising Committee: Stephanie Robertson (360) 609-1184
Amanda Williams (541) 600-0835