As the school year comes to a close I would like to thank the Awbrey Park Community for supporting the Awbrey Park PTO. Together we have raised money for field trips, appreciated our teachers and staff, and learned and played together at the many school fun and educational nights. I would like to thank those who have served on the board the past two years, Sarita Cameron, Alicia Helton, Carisa Henniger, Kathy Nice and Michele Rodeen.

Thank you to those who will continue to serve on the PTO Board for the next two school years and please welcome our new board members Lynn Marie Chapman, Ashlee Krebs, Nicole Tena, and Carissa and Jeremy Boyce.

Board Positions/Members New Terms for 2015/16 & 2016/17 school years:

Co-Presidents: Sarita Cameron 541-729-6616
Alicia Helton 541-688-1539

Vice President: Lynn Marie Chapman 541-913-7100

Secretary: Ashlee Krebs 541-915-2541

Fundraising Chair: Nicole

Spirit Gear: Carissa and Jeremy Boyce

Board Positions/Members serving their 2nd year of a two year term:

Treasurer: Carisa Henniger

Volunteer Coordinator: Vanessa Gallego 626-610-6370

At this time we are looking for a Co-Treasurer. Our current Treasurer, Carisa Henniger has been hired as the half-time Kindergarten Teacher at Awbrey Park. With her new role as teacher, she is looking for someone to take over her position as Treasurer by working together as a Co-Treasurer during the 2015-16 school year. Please contact Alicia, Sarita, or Carisa if you are able to help out. The job includes keeping financial records and reporting the basic cash flow of the PTO account, submitting taxes annually, depositing funds and writing checks and creating a budget. Carisa has streamlined and organized the processes and will stay involved to help and support you.

“As a Parent Teacher Organization, it is our goal to insure that the teachers and staff are supported as much as possible through Parent Volunteers and Fundraising Activities. Through funds raised by our organization, we intend to help supplement programs that benefit all students, as well as provide events that build community through the school. While keeping successful programs in place, we also intend to explore new avenues to help promote unity between Teachers, Parents, and Students, while enhancing the overall school experience to create strong School Spirit and a better environment for all.”