Kindergarten Playdates

Kindergarten Playdates

Summer 2016


These playdates take place on the playground here at Awbrey Park. It is a great opportunity for your child to get to know the playground, make some new friends, and get more comfortable with the idea of going to Kindergarten in the fall!
The 3rd Wednesday of Each Month

Wed. May 18th at 3:30

Wed. June 15th at 3:30

Wed. July 20th at 3:30

Wed. August 17th at 10:30


4J School District serves free meals to children during the summer. There is no income requirement or registration.

Any child under age 18 may come to eat. For more information, contact Nutrition Services at 541-790-7656

Adults are welcome to eat for $4.00

Meals will be served at Awbrey Park Elementary:
July 11th-August 3rd
Mon, Tues, Wed
Breakfast: 8:30-9:00 AM
Lunch: 11:00-12:00 PM