Newsletter 03/08/2019

Dear Awbrey Park Families,

Family STEM Night on Thursday, March 14th from 6:00-7:30 pm.  Bring the whole family to explore exciting activities and experiments with our special guests from:

  • Eugene Science Center
  • University of Oregon Math Department
  • Academic Achievement Center
  • Eugene Public Library

The Eugene School Board voted to restore school days that were lost when school was for four days in February due to heavy snow. The district is restoring school days and extending the winter trimester to make up the lost instruction time.  There will be school on March 15, which was originally a Professional Development/No school day.  Three other days have been added to the end of the year.  The new final day for students will be Tuesday, June 18, if there are no additional school closures this year.  The high school graduation dates remain the same.

We are doing a Penny Drive to fund the fight against Cancer. Our Awbrey students will change the world! We want to reinforce that into our students at an early age. Everyone can be involved to make the world a better place.  The Penny Fundraiser will go from March 4-19. The money raised will go into two pots:

  • We will raise money to support families who are dealing with the challenges of a loved one having cancer.
  • We will also contribute to the Angel Hair Foundation. This is a local organization that provides hair systems for those who have lost hair due to cancer. This allows children to gain self confidence and a return to normalcy in their lives.

Students can bring money to their classroom. Their classroom will work together with their buddy classroom to raise the most money for their grade level.

We will be starting our Oregon State Assessments soon.  We know that our students will have many tests in their lives.  We want our students to “show what they know.”  These tests range from school exams, SATs, entrance exams for college or training schools, job interview, whether to ask someone to marry you or someone asks you to marry them.  We want our kids to make the right decisions.  The way to make the best choices is to be relaxed, calm, and “show what you know.”  Don’t freeze up and make a bad decision (especially about the marriage question).  Students should be rested and eat a healthy breakfast.  As our kids go through life’s tests, we want them to look at them as an opportunity to be successful.  Our kids feel positive about challenges and we want this to continue throughout their lives.

  • 5th grade only will take the Science assessment next week.
  • 3-5 grade Language Arts during the weeks of April 15 and 22
  • 3-5 grade Math during the week of May 6

We had a great time at our Family Dance Night last week.  It was so much fun.  We will definitely be doing this next year.  Thanks again to Brian and Jaclyn Jensen who provide our great sound and light show.

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