Newsletter 09/18/18

Dear Awbrey Park Families,
Emergency and Safety Weeks are September 24-28 and October 1 & 2

In our continuing effort to maintain a secure and safe school environment we will be practicing a series of emergency drills throughout the week.  Practicing these drills raises our preparation and helps insure student safety at school.  There is more information about each drill below.

Jog-A-Thon is coming!  Save the date for October 5.  We are always looking for volunteers.  More information on the Jog-A-Thon will be coming next week.  Students can walk, jog, or sprint (everyone sprints for about 10 yards then walks and jogs during the rest of the time).

Here are our Jog-a-thon times:
1st & 2nd — 8:50-9:50
3rd           — 10:05-11:05
4th & 5th  –11:20-12:20
Kinder      –1:00-1:30 (Kinders get tired so they have a shorter duration)

Parent/Guardian Information Night is Wednesday, October 10. 

Our School Picture day is on October 18.

Here is the information about Safety Weeks

Monday, Sept 24:        Fire Drill – 1:10 PM

Directed Evacuation is used to get students and staff out of the building by a route designed to protect their safety. This is the procedure we use for earthquake drills and monthly fire drills.


Tuesday, Sept 25:        Playground Evacuation Drill – Lunch Recess

It is important that we practice procedures to evacuate our playground as well. Many times during the day students are at recess. The drill is designed to get students off the playground and to a safe place. This could be the school, gym, or out into the field and away from the school. The supervisors will blow an “alarm whistle.” Students will freeze. They will then follow the direction of the adults. On this drill, we will have the students go to the Track. Students will quickly and as quietly as possible move toward the Track.


Wednesday, Sept 26: Earthquake/Directed Evacuation Drill – 2:10 PM

The earthquake drill is designed to keep students safe in the building until the earthquake stops. We will announce the drill over the intercom and students will get under tables or desks. The alarm will sound and students proceed with a Directed Evacuation (as we do for a fire drill).

Allergy Drill – At some point during the day

The food allergy drill, issued by the teacher, is designed to practice attending to a student in need. It is also to keep students safe and calm in the classroom during an allergy emergency. E.g. Bee sting, food allergy.


Thursday, Sept 27: Room Clear Drill – At some point during the day

Room clear, issued by the teacher, is used to send students away from a potential threat in the classroom. The teacher directs students to leave the classroom and go immediately to a prearranged area (another classroom).  This procedure would be used if a classroom incident threatened the emotional or physical safety of students, e.g. someone becomes very ill or unconscious; a serious conflict erupts between students.


Friday, Sept 28—Erin’s Law

We are trying to do whatever we can to help students be safe. Oregon has a new state law called Erin’s Law.  This is our second year of teaching these lessons. This law is to help families to become more aware of the tragedies of sexual abuse of children. We will be teaching a lesson about this. The lesson is part of our school’s health program and is intended to meet the new Oregon state law. Sadly, sexual abuse of children takes place more often than we would like to believe. School programs help children learn to stay safe from abuse. The lesson being taught presents material on the student’s level. The skills needed to prevent abuse are taught in a safe and simple way. Through these lessons, students will learn:

  • How to judge between safe and unsafe touch
  • How to protect themselves
  • Who to go to for help

Please read more information about Erin’s Law at the bottom of the email. Please discuss personal safety with your student to support our efforts.

Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 1 & 2-ALiCE School Safety Training for Students

Students’ safety is of the utmost importance. In Eugene School District 4J we have updated school safety protocols with best practices to keep everyone as safe as possible in an emergency. These updated safety strategies, known as ALiCE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate), are recommended by law enforcement. This is our second year of doing the drill.  ALiCE strategies expand on our traditional safety practices and empower staff and students with more options during a life-threatening emergency, the kind we all hope never happens.

The student safety training will be age-appropriate and sensitive to students’ special needs.  At elementary schools, students will have age-appropriate class discussions, practice evacuating, and talk about barricading. At middle and high schools, class discussions will include more specifics about potential dangers and options, and students will practice evacuating, sheltering or barricading in response to a threat. Student training will not include the active-shooter simulations that staff have participated in.

On Monday, Oct. 1 students will discuss how to do ALiCE.  Students will practice the drill in their own classroom.

On Tuesday, Oct. 2 at 8:45, students will do the school-wide drill.

Erin’s Law and Child Abuse Prevention

Information for Parents

What is Erin’s Law?

Erin Merryn is a woman who was abused as a child. She has advocated and helped create legislation to ensure that all students be educated about child abuse and what to do if it is happening to them or someone they know. For more information about Erin’s Law you can watch her video at


Who should report child abuse or suspected child abuse?

Anyone can report child abuse or suspected child abuse. You need to report when: you have a reason to suspect, you have observed the abuse, and you know or have a reasonable cause to believe. You don’t have to prove it to make the call. Make the report right away. Agencies are available 24/7.


Whom do I report abuse to?

You can report it to local law enforcement, Department of Human Services – Child Protective Services, a teacher, or your school’s building administrator. Ideally, the person that suspects or has firsthand knowledge should make the call directly to Child Protective Services. Here are our local phone numbers:




Phone Numbers


Oregon Department of Human Services – Child Protective Services




Eugene Police Department           




Springfield Police Department




School Resource Officer

– Located at each high school



Churchill High School      



Sheldon High School


North Eugene High School



South Eugene High School



When immediate threat presents – CALL 911

Where can I get more information about child abuse identification and intervention?

As part of our commitment to keeping our students safe, Eugene 4J School District in collaboration with SafeSchools, has created access for parents and community members to learn more about how to help.

For more information go to:


Username: 4J Guest

Password: Guest

If you have any questions about any of our drills or curriculum, please contact me.
Michael Riplinger
Awbrey Park Elementary School
Eugene, OR 97404
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