Newsletter, 09/09/2018

Dear Awbrey Park Families,
We are off to a great start.  Our students are working hard and having fun.  We finished off our first week with a fun assembly to build our sense of school community.  Water balloons were tossed!  Hot Rods and Hot Dogs was a big success.  Thanks again to all the Hot Rods and our PTO for a great first event.  Thanks to the Eugene Police for having a cool motorcycle there.  Also, thanks to Umpqua Bank for donating popsicles!
We have PTO on Monday at 6:00 in our Library.  Childcare is provided.  Our PTO is a great organization that gives guidance to our school. The focus is to support the efforts of our staff, and enhance the educational experience of our students. It is a positive, relaxed, and efficient group that really makes a difference at Awbrey Park.  The meetings usually last an hour.  Come and join the fun.
We are still working out the logistics in our school routine.  Students meeting in the gym in the morning builds our sense of community.  This gives teachers a chance to check in with students before class starts.  We can also tell that a student might look upset and need a little extra TLC.  This is safer for students to be walked by their teacher to class.  In the past, students would race around our round school on their way to class.  All of the teachers were in the classrooms dealing with students who already arrived and unable to monitor students.  Another difference is that when students enter the classroom, school begins.  Students are guided by their teacher.  In the past, students would arrive in class and begin doing independent work at their desk while waiting for other students to arrive.  If they got stuck on the morning work, the teacher was often unable to help them because they were greeting students who were coming into the classroom.  Some students got frustrated, especially when they were unable to do the very first work to begin their day. 
Please drive slowly and safely when bringing kids to school.  We always know the first week of school is challenging as families get used to driving their kids to school.  Our school was built 52 years ago when students walked or rode their bikes to school.  Please enter through the East parking lot to drop off your students.  Stay in the car line.  Do not pass cars on the left to go around the car line to park in the back.  This is unsafe.  Please remain in the car line as you pick up or drop off students.  If you want to park, please wait until the car line proceeds until it is safe to do so.  Drive slowly as you enter and leave our parking lot.  We want our students and families safe.
We love volunteers!  Whether it is volunteering in the classroom or on field trips, parents and grandparents make a big difference in our school.  Some family members volunteer right at the beginning of the day.  Please check with your child’s teacher about volunteering.  If you have not already filled out the volunteer background check, please do so.  Those take about two weeks to process.  We also love it when you come and have lunch with your child.  The more adults in our lunchroom, the better choices our kids make. 
Michael Riplinger
Awbrey Park Elementary School
Eugene, OR 97404
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