Newsletter 06/02/2017

Dear Awbrey Park Families,

We are finishing the year with gusto!  We have a solid three weeks left of school.  We want our students and families to have a great finish.  It has been a terrific year as we have grown our Awbrey Park Community.  We want all families to belong and feel a part of our school.  We appreciate everyone’s willingness to be supportive of your children and our school.  Awbrey Park is truly a special place.  Here are some of the great events that we have coming up. 

Our last PTO is on Monday at 6:00.  Thanks again to everyone for all the wonderful things that PTO has done for our school.  The PTO is so positive in making a difference in the lives of our students.  They are also a blast to work with.

We will have a friendraiser at Wayback Burgers on Wednesday, June 7 from 5:00-8:00.  This is a great way to have dinner with some other Awbrey Park families.

We are honoring all of Kingston Readers with a special assembly on Friday, June 9 from 10:30-11:15.  This is for all the students who have reached their goals in reading this year.  Parents/guardians will be invited if their students have met their goal.

Volunteers at Awbrey Park are sweet!  Please join us for a Treat on Friday June 9 at 11:30 following the Kingston Reader Assembly.  You can also stop by anytime after 11:30 on Friday to pick up your treat in the office.  Thanks for all that you do! 

We have our last PRIDE Assembly on Thursday, June 15 at 1:15.  Teachers will notify your child if they are getting a PRIDE Award.

Come to Carnival Thursday, June 15, from 5:45-7:30 and show your Awbrey Park Pride! This is a great way to end our year by having fun and sharing food together.  We will provide a slice of pizza for the first 400 people.There are no costs! Please bring a picnic dinner that will be just for your family and let’s have some fun. We will have an Obstacle Course, Dunk Tank, Face Painting, and other games. Part of our right of passage for the fifth graders moving on to middle school will be a chance to dunk them in the Dunk Tank! We are in need of volunteers to run the different games. Please call the office if you can help out.

There will be no school on Friday, June 16, because it is an elementary district-wide grading day.

We have Field Day on June 20. The sessions will run:

1st, and 2nd grade–9:00-10:10 (5th graders will run these sessions)
3-5 grade–10:20-11:30 We need help to run the second session. Please contact the office if you can help out.

Kinders–1:00-1:30.  (5th graders will run this session)

Our 5th graders will end with a flourish.  They go to OMSI on Monday, June 19.  They will have the 5th Grade breakfast on the last day of school, June 22.  Students will have a special breakfast created by parents and watch a slideshow of their experiences.  The breakfast will start at 9:00.  All 5th Grade Parents are invited to come and join the fun.  We will have coffee and pastries for parents. 

June 22 is our last day of school. The dismissal time will be at 11:40. 

We are trying to do whatever we can to help students be safe. Oregon has a new state law called Erin’s Law. This law is to help families to become more aware of the tragedies of sexual abuse of children. We will be teaching a lesson about this. The lesson is part of our school’s health program and is intended to meet the new Oregon state law.  Sadly, sexual abuse of children takes place more often than we would like to believe. School programs help children learn to stay safe from abuse. The lesson being taught presents material on the student’s level. The skills needed to prevent abuse are taught in a safe and simple way. Through these lessons, students will learn:

  • How to judge between safe and unsafe touch
  • How to protect themselves
  • Who to go to for help

We hope you will take a minute to read the Erin’s Law parent information that is below. Please discuss personal safety with your student to support our efforts.

Erin’s Law and Child Abuse Prevention

Information for Parents

 What is Erin’s Law?

Erin Merryn is a woman who was abused as a child. She has advocated and helped create legislation to ensure that all students be educated about child abuse and what to do if it is happening to them or someone they know. For more information about Erin’s Law you can watch her video at

Who should report child abuse or suspected child abuse?

Anyone can report child abuse or suspected child abuse. You need to report when: you have a reason to suspect, you have observed the abuse, and you know or have a reasonable cause to believe. You don’t have to prove it to make the call. Make the report right away. Agencies are available 24/7.

Whom do I report abuse to?

You can report it to local law enforcement, Department of Human Services – Child Protective Services, a teacher, or your school’s building administrator. Ideally, the person that suspects or has firsthand knowledge should make the call directly to Child Protective Services. Here are our local phone numbers:

Agency             Phone Numbers  
Oregon Department of Human Services – Child Protective Services   541-349-4444
Eugene Police Department              541-682-5111  
Springfield Police Department   541-726-3714  
School Resource Officer

– Located at each high school


  Churchill High School      


Sheldon High School


North Eugene High School


South Eugene High School


When immediate threat presents – CALL 911

Where can I get more information about child abuse identification and intervention?

As part of our commitment to keeping our students safe, Eugene 4J School District in collaboration with SafeSchools, has created access for parents and community members to learn more about how to help.

For more information go to:

Username: 4J Guest

Password: Guest

Michael Riplinger
Awbrey Park Elementary School
Eugene, OR 97404

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