Newsletter 01/08/2016

Dear Awbrey Park Families,

I hope everyone had a restful break. Our students and staff are back at it with a flourish.

We have a new special event to help build our sense of community at Awbrey Park. It is called Community Cultural Night on January 21 from 5:00—7:00. This will be a night of food, music, photographs and great poetry. Come anytime for a great experience. Students will be working in class on an “I Am From. . .” poem. The purpose is to build cultural awareness, self esteem, and to spread knowledge about one’s background. This gives students a chance to celebrate their similarities and differences with others. In class, during this process, students will come up with their own ideas and memories about:

• Names of family foods and dishes
• Special family sayings
• Family traditions
• Special memories
• Family challenges
• Where children play

We all face many challenges and successes in life. Staff will help students express themselves in a positive way. We want children to be able to share and find that many have gone through the same difficulties and triumphs. We will post these poems in the gym and cafeteria on that night.

We will also have a Chili Dinner Feed—Free to all families.
Musical entertainment will be provided by students and community groups. For example, the Eugene Firefighters Pipes and Drums will be playing bagpipes at 6:00.
▪ Optional Family photos. Families can have a family portrait taken by Amy Anderson, a fantastic photographer. Families will later get a 5” by 7” portrait. We will also display these photos in our school. We all know how difficult it is to get a family portrait done. We always want to do it, but it is difficult to arrange.

This is a relaxed event where families can come and eat, listen to fun music, check out some great student poetry, and perhaps get your family portrait taken. We will be sending a RSVP in the Monday Mailer so that we can make sure we have enough food.

PTO is Monday in our Library at 6:00 p.m. This is a really positive group that is efficient in their meetings, and has a big effect on our school. Please come and join the fun.

We have so many clothes in our Lost and Found from before Winter Break. Please put your names on your child’s clothes and jackets. Especially sweatshirts. We washed eight large garbage bags full of clothes. We have set them out in the cafeteria. We are having every student go through them during lunch and after PE. Please come in and look for any missing clothes. On Wednesday, we are are donating whatever is left to charity. Unfortunately, we need the space because already have items in Lost and Found after only a couple of days.

We have a NED assembly on Monday. NED stands for: Never give up; Encourage others; Do your best. The assembly has been fun in the past. During the assembly, students will learn about NED’s three messages while also enjoying storytelling, magic, humor and yo-yo tricks.They use yo-yo. The yo-yos will be on sale. Students can buy the yo-yos by using cash or checks made out to NED.

We have passes to the Science Factory that you can check out and take your whole family for free. This is a great way to have fun, especially during the winter when we are often looking for something for our kids to do when the weather isn’t always the greatest. The Science Factory is a blast. Come and get a pass from us and check it out.

School Choice will be starting district-wide. If you know of any Awbrey Park families who will be coming to kindergarten, please have them contact us. We would love for them to come to school and go on a tour. We will have other activities coming up in the spring and want to make sure we get in contact with these families.
We will have tours of Awbrey Park on:
Jan. 27 9:00–10:00 a.m.
Jan. 28 12:00–1:00 p.m.

Feb. 23 9:00–10:00 a.m.
Feb. 24 12:00–1:00 p.m.

I appreciate everyone’s patience in picking up and dropping off students. As we have said before, the parking lot was designed for the 1960’s when students rode their bikes or walked to school. When picking up at the end of the day, if possible, please come in and park your car. Our car pickup line just doesn’t have enough room. Sometimes it blocks the traffic on Spring Creek. If you are in the car pickup line, we will try to load your child in the car as quickly as possible. Do not leave your car along the curb to look for your child. This causes a traffic jam. We also don’t want parents using the staff parking lot because you have to back up and it is not safe for students. We appreciate your patience and care as you pick up and drop off your precious cargo.

Michael Riplinger
Awbrey Park Elementary School
Eugene, OR 97404


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