Newsletter 11/19/2014

Awbrey Park is full of a lot of spirit!  Our kids are awesome.  We have a history of having students dress up in either Duck or Beaver colors on the last day of school before the Civil War football game.  Wednesday, November 26 will be Spirit Day.  Students can dress up either in green and yellow, or black and orange.  It doesn’t matter if you are a fan or not, it is great fun.

We are going to make it even more fun this year by doing a giant tailgater.  Students will be eating outside with music.  They will then go to recess where they will do tailgating games run by students from North Eugene.  This is also the day where “Parents Eat For Free.”  The school district each month designates a day where parents can join their child for lunch.  Come and have a blast with your kiddo!  Enjoy a pizza lunch and show your colors.  We are also sending an RSVP home with your child in the Monday Mailer.  Please send back the RSVP by Tuesday, Nov. 25 so we can make sure we have enough food if you are able to join us.

Thanks so much for making our Parent Conferences a success.  The more that parents and staff connect, the better chance for student success.  We also want to find out how we can do a better job at Awbrey Park.  Please fill out our Title One Survey.  This is typically given in the spring.  We want to give it now so that we can get the information to make changes for this year.   You can take this online at:
In English at
In Spanish at

It is cold and wet outside.  Our kids need to have a jacket.  We love to see our kids out running, having a blast and spending energy outside.  Our kids go out most recesses.  If it is really rainy, they won’t.  We need to make sure that our kids are warm.  Please make sure your child has a jacket every day.  If you don’t have a jacket for your child, please contact Kristin Gianforti, our counselor.

With cold months upon us, children who forget to bring jackets to school borrow them from the office. Our supply of loaner clothes and jackets is very low. If you have jackets and clothes that no longer fit your children, we could use them in the office at school.

We need our students at school every day and on time.  The more they learn, the better prepared they are for the world.  When students miss a lot of school, or come in late, they fall behind.  We know that students that miss a lot of school in elementary school, tend to miss even more in middle and high school.  They sometimes get on a track where they drop out of school.  We know that students get sick at this time of year.  If you get the flu or a bad cold, that is totally understandable and the right choice, as a parent, is to keep a child home.  The problem happens when kids miss a few days here and there, is that they add up.  Students then don’t know what is going on in class.  Being on time is also so important.  Teachers take attendance and students do the Morning Meeting group at the beginning of each day.  Then they go right into reading which is so important.  When students are late, they miss being part of the class and fall behind.  If your child is late, please have them go to the office to get an “I’m Here” slip so that they are not marked absent and a phone call goes homes automatically.  They would then walk through the inside of the school since the outside doors are locked.  This is not a time that teachers are able to talk to parents because they are teaching, taking attendance or preparing to teach.

Thanks parents for being careful when dropping off students in the  east parking lot.  Especially when it gets dark and wet.  We want our kiddos safe.  Please do not drop students off in the west parking lot.  It is not safe for kids since cars have to pull in and out with no drop off point for students.

Community Health Centers of Lane County will provide free fluoride varnish treatments at school on Tuesday, November 25th for those who have signed permission forms. If you would like to have this done, but believe you have not turned one in, we have extras in the office.

There will be a Common Core presentation in Spanish at the 4J School District office on Monday, November 24.

We do not have school on December 1.
  This is a Professional Development day district-wide.  We will be working on how to set objectives in lessons so that children can be more focused in their learning.  We also will be working on our school improvement plan to make Awbrey a better school.

Our next Latino Parent Night is on December 2.

We will also have Cookies and Construction on December 11This will be a night for the whole family to come and have fun doing engineering, math and science fun.  More on this later.

Michael Riplinger
Awbrey Park Elementary School
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