Newsletter 10/06/2014

Jog-A-thon will be on Thursday, October 9.  It will be awesome.  This is our major fundraising effort for the year.  Thanks to you last year, we raised over $6,000 to pay for field trip transportation and scholarships.  Our goal this year is to continue to support field trip experiences for every student at Awbrey Park.  This activity also promotes healthy livings.  Students are encouraged to wear Bulldog Gear or color (black, red and white), and shoes they can run in (running or tennis shoes).
8:45-9:45 am AM Kindergarten and 1st Grade
10:30-11:30 am 3rd and 4th Grade
12:30-1:00 pm PM Kindergaten
1:15-2:15 pm 2nd and 5th Grade

Come and Join us on Curriculum Night for Grade 3-5 on Tuesday, October 7
This is a great chance to meet your child’s teacher, get an idea of how the class runs, the best way to communicate with the teacher, and some key points of the curriculum. This night is for parents since the kids already know what is going on in the classes.

  • Grades 3-4 will run from 6:00—6:30. Parents will go right to the classroom for the teacher presentation. At 6:30, parents will go to the gym for a short presentation about our Title Reading program and school-wide Positive Behavior Support (PBIS) program.
  • 5th grade parents will come at 6:40 for the Title and PBIS program in the gym. They will go to the classroom at 7:00 for the teacher presentation.

We will have daycare. The number of children we can take is limited. If possible, children should stay home. If not, they will be in the cafeteria while their parents go to the different presentations.


Emergency and Safety Week is from October 6–9.

In our continuing effort to maintain a secure and safe school environment we will be practicing a series of emergency drills throughout the week. Practicing these drills raises our level of preparation and helps insure student safety at school.

Monday:        Earthquake and Directed Evacuation Drill (“Fire Drill”) – 1:05 AM  Directed Evacuation is used to get students and staff out of the building by a route designed to protect their safety. This is the procedure we use for earthquake drills and monthly fire drills.


Tuesday:        Earthquake/Directed Evacuation Drill – 2:05 PM  The earthquake drill is designed to keep students safe in the building until the earthquake stops. At that time the alarm will sound and students proceed with a Directed Evacuation.

            Playground Evacuation Drill – Lunch Recess  It is important that we practice procedures to evacuate our playground as well. Many times during the day students are at recess. The drill is designed to get students off the playground, into the gymnasium, and provide them information is a quickly process.


Wednesday:  Lock Down (Secure Room) Drill – 10:45 AM  Lock down protects staff and student from a threat inside or outside the building when it may be more dangerous to leave the building than to stay in a secured room. Teachers are notified to lock their classroom doors and close window blinds.

  Allergy Drill – All Day  The food allergy drill, issued by the teacher, is designed to practice attending to a student in need. It is also to keep students safe and calm in the classroom during an allergy emergency. E.g. Bee sting, food allergy.

Thursday:      Room Clear Drill – All Day  Room clear, issued by the teacher, is used to send students away from a potential problem in the classroom. The teacher directs students to leave the classroom and go immediately to a prearranged area (another classroom).

There is no school on Friday, October 10.  This is state-wide inservice day.

Parent Conferences will be on November 6 and 7.

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