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abcmouseABC Mouse eCBMeasyCBM Testing FastMathFasttMath and FractionNation ThinkCentralThink Central
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ArtToolKitArtist Toolkit CanvasPainterCanvas Painter DiscoveryClipDiscovery Clip Art BaltMuseumMatisse for Kids
Pic4Pics4Learning ScribblerThe Scribbler  WebClipArtWebweaver’s Clip Art
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 Birdseye_tBirdseye, Tom Brett_JBrett, Jan
Carle, EricCarle_E George_JGeorge, Jean Craighead
Lowry_LLowry, Lois
Polacco_PPolacco, Patricia
Smith_RSmith, Roland Spinelli_JSpinell, Jerry
White_EBWhite E.B.
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Acad_ArcadeArcademic Skill Builder BBCBBC Math CoolMath Cool Math
MakeGraphCreate a Graph
Fractions1Fractions FunBrainFunbrain Arcade GraphsGraphing HandsBankHands On Banking
HCMathHarcourt Games InterGamesInteractive Math Games ixlIXL KidPortKidPort Math
MathDicMath Dictionary MathMagicianMath Magician MathWireMath Wire MoneyPracMoney Practice Test
MultiMultiplication MuncherMuncher OswegoOswego Math Games Save the ApplesSaveApple
TableTreesTable Trees TellTimeTelling Time Practice Test TessellateTessellate! ThatsFactThat’s a Fact
VirtualManVirtual Manipulatives WhatTimeWhat Time Is It? Mathionaire
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AskAsk for Kids
BrainPopJrBrainPop Jr. DanceMatDance Mat Typing JigsawJigsaw land
KybdKeyboarding KiddleKiddle
KidRexKidRex WordCentralWord Central

WorldBk World Book Kids WorldStuWorld Book Student
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ABCMouseABC Mouse ABCYaABC Ya AesopAesop’s Fables
AmerFolkAmerican Folklore
BookAdvBook Adventure BookPalsBook Pals GramGorGrammar Gorilla
HighlightsHighlight for Kids
HMSpellHM Spelling IdiomsIdioms by Kids JohnnieJohnnie’s Story KidsRdKids Read
LearningPlanetLearning Planet PBS_KidsPBS Kids RazRaz-Kids ReadWrThkRead Write Think
ScholasticScholastic Games SpellCitySpelling City
StacksThe Stacks ThinkCentralThink Central
TimeKidsTime For Kids WordCentralWord Central  
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4_2Explore24_2Explore AmuseParkAmusement Park Physics AnatEyeAnatomy of an Eye
AnimalDivAnimal Diversity Web
NASAAstronomy Picture of the Day DynaEarthDynamic Earth EPAEPA Explorers Club GreatPlantGreat Plant Escape
HatfieldHatfield Marine Science Center KidsHealthKids Health
NGeoKidsKids National Geographic KidsWhalesKids Whale Guide
MarineMarine Animal Pictures NASAMars Exploration Fun Zone MineralMineral Photos NationalGeoNational Geographic
NatWkNature Works ORZooOregon Zoo OwenMzeeOwen and Mzee  NASASpace Place
StarChildStarChild Learning Center
StudyJam Study Jams! TempTemperature Game
Social Studies
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Acad_ArcadeAcademic Skill Builders BensGuideBen’s Guide to U.S. Governement GoogleMapGoogle Maps IditarodIditarod
MLK1Martin Luther King Jr. Enchanted Learning MLK2 Martin Luther King Jr. KidPix Timeline  ORTrail1Oregon & California Trail Center
OrTrailOregon Trail
PresidentsOur Presidents  StatelyStately Knowledge
13ColoniesThe 13 Colonies of America
USMintU.S. Mint – Pocket Change
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ComicCreatorComic Creator   SpellboundSpellbound SpellCitySpelling City
StoryBirdStory Bird WackyWacky Web Tales WritingCubeWriting Cube YoungWriterYoung Writers Association