The first day of school is Wednesday, September 7th. Please note this is our weekly early release day. School lets out at 1:40pm. All other days of the week, school concludes at 2:40pm.

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Dear Awbrey Park Families,

We’ve had a great start of the the school year.  We’ve worked really hard on students being engaged in classrooms and making friends.  We want to continue this all year long.

We are building our sense of community in the schools in the North Region.  We will have Spirit of the North on Friday, September 30.  We want our Awbrey Park families to go the North Eugene football at 7:00 at North Eugene High School.  We have 50 free family passes.  Please either email, call us, or send a note with your child to get a pass.  We also will have a one lucky student who will be an honorary captain and walk out for the coin flip at the beginning of the game.  North Eugene is having their 2nd annual “Spirit Fair” before the game from 5:30-6:30.  The purpose of the event is to highlight all of the great things going on at North Eugene HS.  Each of our sports teams, clubs, and groups will have a table that they can showcase what they do.  Last year each group had something they provided to visitors (food, give away items, or a game to play).  North Students are provided a checklist and encouraged to visit all tables.  A completed checklist earns a free NE tee shirt.  There will also be live entertainment by a couple of NEHS student bands.

In our continuing effort to maintain a secure and safe school environment we will be practicing a series of emergency drills throughout the week. Practicing these drills raises our level of preparation and helps insure student safety at school.

Monday:     Earthquake and Directed Evacuation Drill (“Fire Drill”)

Directed Evacuation is used to get students and staff out of the building by a route designed to protect their safety. This is the procedure we use for earthquake drills and monthly fire drills.

Tuesday:     Playground Evacuation Drill – Lunch Recess

It is important that we practice procedures to evacuate our playground as well. Many times during the day students are at recess. The drill is designed to get students off the playground and to a safe place.

Wednesday: Lock Down (Secure Room) Drill 

Lock down protects staff and student from a threat inside or outside the building when it may be more dangerous to leave the building than to stay in a secured room. Teachers are notified to lock their classroom doors and close window blinds. All students are accounted for and everyone stays secure until notified otherwise.

Allergy Drill

The food allergy drill, issued by the teacher, is designed to practice attending to a student in need. It is also to keep students safe and calm in the classroom during an allergy emergency. E.g. Bee sting, food allergy.

Thursday:  Earthquake/Directed Evacuation Drill

The earthquake drill is designed to keep students safe in the building until the earthquake stops. We will announce the drill over the intercom and students will get under tables or desks. The alarm will sound and students proceed with a Directed Evacuation (as we do for a fire drill).

Friday: Room Clear Drill

Room clear, issued by the teacher, is used to send students away from a potential threat in the classroom. The teacher directs students to leave the classroom and go immediately to a prearranged area (another classroom).

Curriculum Night is on October 6 from 6:00-7:30.
This is a great opportunity to find about all the wonderful things our students are learning in the classrooms.

K-2 will run from 6:00—6:30. Parents will go right to the classroom for the teacher presentation. At 6:30, parents will go to the gym for a short presentation about our Title Reading program and school-wide Positive Behavior Support (PBIS) program.

3-5 grade parents will come at 6:40 for the Title and PBIS program in the gym. They will go to the classroom at 7:00 for the teacher presentation.

We will have daycare. The number of children we can take is limited. If possible, children should stay home. If not, they will be in the cafeteria while their parents go to the different presentations.

Our school receives federal funds for Title I programs that are part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), as amended by the No Child Left Behind Act of 20ll (NCLB). Throughout the school year, we will continue to provide you with important information about this law and your child’s education.

We are very proud of our teachers and feel they are ready for the coming year and we are prepared to give your child a high-quality education. As a Title I school, we must meet federal regulations related to teacher qualifications as defined in E,SEAiI\CLB. Under these regulations, you have the right to request information regarding the professional qualifìcations of your child’s classroom teacher (s) or paraprofessional(s). If you request this information, the district or school will provide you with the following as soon as possible.

Whether the teacher meets state qualifications and licensing requirements for the grade level and subject he/she is teaching.
Whether the teacher received an emergency or conditional certificate through which state qualifications were waived, and concentration and the area of endorsement.

What undergraduate or graduate degrees the teacher holds, including major(s) or area(s) of

In addition, schools are required to notify parents when their child is taught, or assigned for four or moreconsecutive weeks, by a teacher who does not meet federal highly qualified requirements.

NCLB further states that Title I schools must notify parents with the above-mentioned information in a timely manner, upon your request. We look forward to the year ahead and welcome your partnership in the important job of educating the children of our community. Continuous communication between home and school is key to the success of our educational program. As parents/guardians, you are encouraged to be actively involved in your child’s education by talking to your child about school, volunteering whenever possible, and participating in school/district activities.

If you have specific questions about this notification, please contact your Mike Riplinger. If you have any additional questions about NCLB and its impact on schools, please contact Jeff Johnson, Federal Programs Administrator for Eugene School District 4J at 541-790-7559.

District Assessments

Parent Notification: September Newsletter Announcement 2016-2017

The Eugene 4j School District administers both reading and math assessments to each of our students three times a year ~ fall, winter, and spring. Students scoring below the 30th percentile may be recommended, by the building-level team, to receive instructional interventions in reading and/or math. Students receiving interventions will have their progress monitored during regular intervals. At our school, all students receive 60-90 minutes of reading instruction and 60-75 minutes of instruction in the area of mathematics, each day. Parents/guardians will be notified if their child is recommended to receive additional reading or math instruction.

Notificación a los padres: Boletín de Septiembre Anuncio 2016-2017

El Distrito Escolar de Eugene 4J administra evaluaciones de lectura y matemáticas para cada uno de nuestros estudiantes tres veces al año ~ otoño, invierno y primavera. Estudiantes que califican por debajo del percentil 30 se pueden recomendar, por el equipo de nivel de la construcción, para recibir intervenciones de instrucción en lectura y / o matemáticas. Los estudiantes que reciben intervenciones tendrán su progreso monitoreado durante intervalos regulares. En nuestra escuela, todos los estudiantes reciben 60-90 minutos de enseñanza de la lectura y 60-75 minutos de instrucción en el área de matemáticas, todos los días. Los padres / tutores serán notificados si se recomienda que su niño reciba la lectura adicional o instrucción de matemáticas.

Nuestra escuela recibe fondos para programas de Título I que son parte de la Ley de Educación Primaria y Secundaria de 1965 (ESEA, por sus siglas en inglés), como lo indica la enmienda de la legislación “Que Ningún Niño se Quede Atrás” (NCLB, por sus siglas en inglés) de\2011.

En el transcurso del año lectivo seguiremos dándole información importante sobre esta ley y la educación de su hijo.

Estamos orgullosos de nuestras escuelas de nuestro personal y estamos convencidos de que están listos para comenzar el año lectivo. Estamos listos para brindarle a su hijo una educación de alta calidad. Como escuela de Título I tenemos que cumplir ciertos requisitos federales que tienen que ver con las cualificaciones de los maestros como lo define en la ESEA / NCLB. Bajo estas regulaciones, usted tiene el derecho de solicitar información concerniente a las cualificaciones profesionales de los maestros de sus hijos o de los para-profesionales. Si usted solicita esta información, el distrito o la escuela le dará lo siguiente tan pronto como sea posible.

Además, las escuelas tienen la obligación de informar a los padres de familia cuando a sus hijos les

enseña, o se les asigna un maestro -por cuatro o más semanas consecutivas- que no cumpla con altos

requisitos federales. Un maestro que cumple con altos requisitos federales es aquel que tiene:

Asimismo, la NCLB indica que las escuelas de Título I tienen que informar a los padres de familia:

.Sobre su derecho a participar en la planificación e implementación del programa de participación de padres de familia en la escuela de sus hijos.

Será un gusto poder darle la información mencionada anteriormente de manera oportuna cuando usted lo solicite. Esperamos poder contar con su participación en el año que está por iniciar para efectuar la labor tan importante de educar a los niños de nuestra comunidad. La clave para el éxito del programa educativo es la comunicación continua entre los padres de familia y la escuela. ¡Como padres de familia/ tutores legales, les exhortamos a participar de manera activa en la educación de sus hijos hablando con sus hijos sobre la escuela, siendo voluntarios cada vez que les sea posible y participando en las actividades de la escuela y distritol

Si tienen preguntas específicas sobre este aviso, por favor póngase en contacto con el directorado de la escuela. Si tiene más preguntas sobre el NCLB y su impacto en las escuelas, por favor póngase en contacto con Jeffry Johnson, la Administradora de Programas Federales del Distrito Escolar de Eugene 4J a|541-790-7559, o visite www.ed.sov/nclb.

Michael Riplinger
Awbrey Park Elementary School
Eugene, OR 97404